, Dedicated to your success
, ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED

, Best answer to your mould
 >>Senior engineering team for your tools design and fabricating
  according to your samples or drawings.
 >>24 hours in-house die maintenance, in time troubleshooting during
  the production.
 >>Provide firm quotations and lead times in a variety of tooling steels
  and configurations to best suit your production requirements.
 >>Can specify tool life requirements and will quote the mold accordingly,
  from less than 25,000 shots to 80,000~100,000 shots

, Wide range of high performance die casting machine and low pressure
 casting machines
 >>High pressure : 1250T, 800T, 630T, 500T, 250T, 180T
 >>Big capacity and good capability.

, Full die casting and die service
 >>Own N/C machining centers, manu and CNC Lathes, spark eroder ,
  grinders , mills , drills shot blasters , etc.
 >>Capable of almost all after processes for your products, as well as
  impregnating, polishing and coating.

, Find excellent solution, strictly control the waste, provide competitive
 price´ Some of the many ways we help you stay competitive!