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High Pressure die casting

We are available of using materials as follows,
Aluminium alloy series
Zamark series

Our advantages,
diverse range of pressure Die casting machines, from 180T to 1250T to suit various size of your products.
over 60 people run in 3 shifts to shorten the delivery time.
24 hours in-house die maintenance, in time troubleshooting.
Rich experience in manufacturing complex & high class auto & motorcycle parts.

Prior to the initiation of any production run, all die castings are visually inspected with emphasis on surface condition, sealing surfaces, cored holes, excessive flash, ejector pin marks and any other non-conforming conditions. Setup inspections, in-Process inspections, trimming inspections and final inspections are routinely performed during the manufacturing process to insure the highest possible quality is attained.

All these can result in a shorter production times, overall cost efficiency and higher product value.