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as opposed to sand casting or high pressure die casting, The low pressure casting depends on a number of factors, including the type of product, the alloy, the design, the batch size and the cost ratio.

The low pressure die casting process is a cost-effective production process that provides excellent mechanical properties for certain aluminium alloys.
This is an excellent process for circular designs as well as pressure tight vessels. These castings approach the surface finish of die castings and create a denser casting, without the higher tooling cost.

Similar to Gravity die-casting , a full range of sand castings can be provided for applications where the volume required  is not sufficient to justify the tooling costs. In many cases, it is the only technique which can produce products with highly complex cores and core assemblies. In addition, sand casting plays a significant role in developing and testing sample products to be produced in high pressure die casting.

The vast experience of our personnel is available to advise on design of patterns to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved in producing the sand casting.